Julia Hildebrand
Julia Hildebrand
Create communities around the things you care about.
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I believe we need to build more products, businesses and work places that are honest, human and sustainable at their core. Is that the kind of business you are building? 

Let's create a community around the things you care about. 

Ways to work together

I work across different areas of product or service development, marketing and communications, to come up with strategies that increase the impact of great ideas. 

Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile, UX, Content Marketing, to me these are all different aspects to the same idea: A human centered approach to building products and reaching the people you'd like to engage with. How can I help you to adopt these principles in your strategy?

Content & Community Strategy

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Let's find formats and channels to engage people around your story. I help you to create a flexible content and marketing plan to achieve your goals and reach your target audience(s). I make concrete suggestions around your messaging, the right channel mix, content examples for different channels, (Facebook posts, blog headlines, newsletter subjects etc.) and tools and resources needed. I'm also happy to help you to put the plan into action.

To get started, just request an audit of your content, including your website and other channels you use to build relationships with your users or customers. 


Workshops & Coaching


Book a workshop for you and your team or a one-on-one coaching session to work out what makes your product or service unique, what you care about most, what makes you different, what your goals are and how you can build a community around them. We could start with a brand sprint or a Map Your Community workshop. 


You can also book me ad-hoc for a consultancy session via Brain Orchestra. The first 30 minutes to get to know each other are free. Please feel free to bring a topic that you are struggling with around community building, content marketing, branding or storytelling. You can just get in touch with me here or directly book an online-session.

Please get in touch